The Walk !?…

I have been having a lot of fun animating and making a video. Walk cycle test… Hmm.. you will see the result above. And post production with my old friend After Effects to make a full HD video for youtube. After all is completed and I uploaded video to youtube, I have found out that youtube pics up the frame in the middle of the video as a video still automatically and there is no way to change it.. So, next time I make a video to upload youtube, I will put the film title right in the middle of the video !?…

Edit: Just published the post and tried viewing video. If you have hard time viewing video here, you can click here to view in my youtube account..

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That’s great! You really have a talent for telling (funny) stories! And humour is always a mighty weapon in our struggles for become great artists… I’m looking forward to see more of your videos! So, but now, back to work so that you’re going to see the finished Hades puppet today.

Shelley, yes this would be a good document to have when I become an accomplished animator. Will I ever be though? There is a long way to go. I knew it was hard but I really did not know it was this hard.. Oh, well. Practise, pratice as much as possible; this is what I need to do. Thank you for the comment!

Jessica, I tried very hard for hours for the first part of the animation where he walks. And then I got very tired.. stopped him and did that hand wave and falling down in about 15 minutes. It was a lot of fun after trying very hard for the walk 🙂 It is great to know you enjoyed watching this little film like thing. I needed to have some more fun and made that video. Thanks!

Justin, thank you for the encouraging comment. I have a long way to go but I WANT TO SEE HIM completely alive so bad. I have done another short test after this one but nothing to post here yet. I knew that stop motion animation was hard BUT, now I know it better… it is sooo hard and I can see how good you are at animation. I totally admire your animation skills.

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