Month: March 2009

busy beeeeee

It has been a week since my last post. So, I want to post to say that I am alive and have been working on a lot of graphic design and flash animation works. It looks like these projects will take another very busy week and then I will be back working on my film. […]


Custom ball and socket armature for Adem

I placed an order for a custom ball and socket armature for Adem. It has been an hard decision to make… For me stop motion is a real art form. I do not expect to make money out of it. This is not my “job” instead this is my “art” that I am learning step […]

meet adem and kush

These are the characters of my stop motion short. Meet ?? Nope, not yet. But for now, let me give you some information about the characters: Adem: The name “adem” is the turkish word for “adam” He is an human being slave of the chronos. Kush: The bird that lives on top of the Tree […]