Adem… My next post will be about the Creation Of Adem. There is a lot to post so I think a separate one for the pictures could be better. Here some pictures I have just taken. You can click to enlarge.


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Hi Yaz,

well done!
Are these replacement faces? I can see where they’re attached but that fits in very well! I love the style of your pics. All the single elements really fit together and give a nice impression of your world’s atmosphere.

By the way, is it snowing on your blog?

Gasp!! Yaz! He’s stunning! Oh, God, these shots look so incredibly gorgeous! Good lord. Oh, God, just looked again.

Like Jessica said you can really see how you envision the film now with all the elements being brought together!!!!


Those look great! I love the style of the face and how it’s separated from the head a bit by the style/line, very cool effect. Great lighting!!

Jessica; it is a mask and not a replacement face. I wanted to make something in between.. Not a real face and not a separated mask. When I was working on the mask, I thought about making couple of replacement masks with different emotions. But I decided not to do that. It was going be over emphasizing the idea for me. I made couple of different masks actually; different designs. Then decided to use this one. Thank you for asking about the mask here. I will post about this idea and show the other masks as well. In the film he will be shown both with and without the mask. But, I guess he does not prefer to show his real face before the film is completed… Thanks a lot for your nice words about the pictures. And yes it is snowing in my blog 🙂 We never get snow here where we live so, it is nice to see snow even if it is only on my blog.

Shelley…. thank you soooo much!! Thats great to hear you like the way Adem looks. And the film.. yes! When I took couple of pictures, I showed those to Hakan and said the same thing.. “look, this is how Chronos is going to look like” This is so strange. Before I did not have those lights and actually I did not know how to set up lights, camera.. you know. This time, I was able to get something more alive with a better lighting (still using the same funky lights and colored papers though). I still have to work a lot on lighting and camera but it was enough to create the atmosphere for now. And a puppet being in a scene change things a lot I guess. I can now see him walking around, etc… Such a great feeling. There are problems with the puppet; hands, etc.. but thats okey I guess. I will make the hands again anyways. I am now working on a test animation and it will take a while for me to get used to working with a ball&socket armature. By the way, did you notice those little clock parts 🙂 I will post all about these later.

Edmond; thank you for stopping by and commenting here. I have visited your website; spotlightideas. It is good to see you here.

Emily; I have been following your wonderful film project. It is great to know that you like what I have created here. Thank you!

AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Just looked at everything again!!! AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yaz, this taste of the film looks so incredible. Like the best of the sophisticated Eastern European stop motion film from years ago. The classics! These photos indicate that Chronos may be a fresh Turkish film classic. Congratulations, Yaz! You are learning and expressing so much and doing so incredibly swiftly!

Shelley!!!! THANK YOU… Your support here mean soooo much to me, you know.
Ops.. my face is all red now… Chronos might be a fresh Turkish film classic… noo, this is too much… I am working on animation now. He is like a funny clown now 🙂 Doing some funy movement because of me… There is sooooo much to learn and you know I have great teachers!!!

Yaz, thank you for the explanation! It now males absolutely sense to me. And as Shelley said, this all look very promising! Yor’re learning fast, young padawan! 😉

I sometimes think about how great it is to have the internet around to watch over all those artist’s shoulders…. I’m sometimes so happy that we have these shortcuts to Turkey or the US or England… I know, this is a plattitude somehow, but I have moments when I’m really, really glad to see what other animators do… Especially if it’s an outstanding project like yours!

I did not know what padawan means and just looked at the dictionary. This is the meaning: “padawan: Star Wars. An apprentice who undergoes one-on-one Jedi training under a Jedi Master after graduating from the Jedi academy. A Jedi may have only one apprentice at a time, and is required to promote the current apprentice before taking another.” Wow 🙂 great.. and so funny!! Yep, this young padawan is very very happy to have you watch this process.

Global film making, huh? This is soooo wonderful. Thank you girls 🙂

Oh my goodness! He is just so wonderful!! The expressions on his face and his posture and poses speak volumes about his personality. I can’t wait to get to know him better.

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