Month: December 2008

I hate Windows Vista

Today, I tried to buy a table top for the set. I need to start building the set. Rocks, clock, tree, birds,.. There is a lot to do. Could not find a proper wood for the table top. It will be on another day… Good news!!! I am going to have Windows XP on my […]

puppet making – the head

I am not going to be animating the head; just simple movement, turning. So, I made the head with super sculpy. I think making head is the hardest part of the puppet. You need to make it have a character. I tried 5 different heads with different size, expression, age,… Here is how final one […]

puppet making – hands without latex

I could not find liquid latex here and did not know how to make the hands. I posted on asked pros about the latex substitudes. I was suggested to wrap the hands with yarn(as it was shown on my previous post) and cover with silicone sealant. I am not totally happy with the result […]

my first stopmo film: “chronos”

Did I ever tell you about the project I have been working on? Yes, it is a stopmotion film but let me tell you little bit about the first movie I will be shooting: It is going to be couple minutes long with one puppet, a big clock, big big tree and some birds. It […]

I am here again…

Ok, I am here again. Vaowww my last post was on sept 20th. Long time, no post… Started again couple weeks ago by working on the puppet. What I have done so far? Tried couple of different options for clothes and the head. Clothes are done. He now has a nice outfit; pants and the […]