Yasemin Sayibas AkyuzYasemin Sayibas Akyuz was born in Tokat/Turkey in 1973. She has always had a passion for art since she was a child. Her first serious art attempt was to paint her school’s theater decors with her teacher when she was 12.

She studied textiles & machinery engineering and worked as an engineer for 4 years. During this time, she took art classes in weekends and became a graphic designer. She has been working as a freelance graphic designer for the last 15 years, designing for companies, individuals all over the world.

At the end of 2008, she started working on a stop motion film named Chronos. Although the film was never finished, she was able to develop her puppet making, sculpture and painting skills. The process she shared during that time was featured on many personal and animation college websites and a stop motion book.

Lately, she started creating hand-crafted automata which allows her to combine the years of education and experience; mechanical engineering, graphic design, painting, puppet making and sculpting skills.

She is living in a small town, in a cottage in the middle of a tangerine garden. Likes renovating old, second-hand furniture, painting trees, spending quiet time away from crowded cities and creating art….