Month: February 2010

Camera Dolly and Turntable

There are two additions to my stopmotion studio. A camera dolly and a turntable, both hand-driven and hand-made. I am going to start shooting the other film I am making with my sister soon. So, I needed these equipment now. I will have 2 set tables for Chronos. One is going to be the main […]

Bir Stop Motion Kukla İçin Ceket Dikimi

Adem ve ceketi ile ilgili yazımı yayınladıktan sonra bir arkadaşım kukla için nasıl ceket dikebileceği konusunda yardım istedi. Aşağıda ceket dikimi konusunda hiçbir fikri olmayanlara da yardımcı olacağını düşündüğüm şekilde detaylı olarak hazırladığım fotoğraflı ceket dikimi var. Ceket Dikimi Önce ilk resimdeki kalıbı yazıcıdan çıkarın. Parçaları kesin, kuklanız üzerinde prova yaparak gerekli ayarlamaları yapın. Daha […]

Sewing Jacket for a Stop Motion Puppet

After posting pictures of Adem and his jacket, a friend wanted me to give him some instructions about how to sew a jacket. So, I have prepared a tutorial for people who does not have any idea about sewing jacket and want to make a basic one like this. Sewing Jacket First print out the pattern, […]

Making of Adem

Finally, I am posting about how I made Adem. Although I have posted other things separately, this post is going to be a very long one. Other pictures I posted previously are located here. And a walk cycle test is here to post everything all together about Adem. I had a ball&socket armature made for […]

The Invasion – Time to Animate!

There is a side project I do with my sister Asuman. A stop motion film “The Invasion” I posted about this film here before. Asuman finished all and has sent me. I received a box full of effort, full of love… I have seen closely how detailed Asuman worked on this set. Each piece was […]

Problem with Liquid Latex Buildup Parts

I had a problem with the hands of Adem and claws of Kush I previously made in June 2009.  Those were both fine when I first built up but after couple of months those started to get sticky. Hands became like the ones of a zombie puppet and it is not possible to hold claws […]