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Concrete and The Bird

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I have spent the last couple of months trying different materials for automaton. Making everything out of wood by hand carving and hobby machinery was both very tiring and time-consuming. Also, it was not possible to make precise parts like gears out of wood; I wanted to try using metal and concrete for some parts. “Concrete and The Bird” is one of those I made in April.

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Base is made out of cement. Mix black cement, marble powder and water, pour inside the mold, wait for 24 hours. It cures totally in about 2-3 days. (fully cures in 21 days.) There are types of cement which cure in couple of hours but I could not find here. Maybe I will write another post about making concrete parts later. It seems like a good material to use for this types f automata. Finding a proper mold is kind of hard. I was going to try making the mold as well but I decided spending more time on automata. I used a box of an old toy. I put the wires inside the plastik ball and then poured the mixture later. So, wires were inside the concrete part.

Body of the bird: First I bended the wire into the body shape, covered with masking tape. I prepared a mixture of white acrylic paint, white wood glue and plaster. I then painted the masking tape with this mixture.

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Wings: I covered wires with a layer of thin gauze. Then painted with the above mentioned mixture.

After the bird was dry, I aged with brown acrylic paint.

Mechanism: When the handle is turned, the wings go up and down. Very simple and common mechanism.

Making of pics:

(click for larger pictures)

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