Month: September 2009

The Invasion – Set work almost done

The Invasion. This is a film I am making with my sister Asuman. She has been working hard to get things together on the set. It looks like I am going to be shooting in a couple of months. This is going to be an interesting small film showing the human invasion… Asuman is a graphic […]

An Amazing Bird Puppet!

Someone on message board posted the URL of a music video by Bowerbirds a while ago. There is an amazing crow puppet here. He said that he made the armature for the wings. I asked him if he could send me some photos of the puppet before it was foamed and feathered -which he […]

Birds in the Nests, Nests in the Tree

Yes, it is finished… Tree of life, birds, nests. I will work on the roots when making the rocky surface but other than that all done. You can click to below picture to enlarge. It is 4:35 in the morning. Another stolen night to spend on stop motion is almost over. Away from my all […]