Problem with Liquid Latex Buildup Parts

I had a problem with the hands of Adem and claws of Kush I previously made in June 2009.  Those were both fine when I first built up but after couple of months those started to get sticky. Hands became like the ones of a zombie puppet and it is not possible to hold claws because of those being too sticky. This is how I made these:

Hands: I mixed liquid latex, acrylic paint and pros-aide all together… Dipped yarn covered fingers (also there was epoxy putty on the fingers and palm) into that mixture several times to make the skin.

Claws: Yarn covered fingers and acrylic painted cartboard claws dipped into liquid latex several times.

I posted about the problem on Here is the link of that thread: … (edit on Jul 2015: that thread does not exist anymore..)
The problem with the hands seems like is me mixing pros-aide and latex. Liquid latex is a great material to create skin for the puppets. But there are some importants things to remember when working with latex. Please check out the above URL for more.

I have remade the hands. Used PAX paint. Many thanks to Darkstrider who wrote me about that on that post. If you are interested you can check out the forum URL above.

Claws of Kush are still waiting for me to be fixed. I only used latex on the claws so I am not sure what was the problem. I am going to make a test part by using only latex. There are the PAX painted hands I have aready made. So, I will be able to see what happens to these parts in a couple of months before I start animation.

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Good luck with the new pair of claws – the thread showing through the latex looks amazing, looking forward to the new pair!

hey i love your work looks awesome and some of the detail is also very nice. i made a film where my characters were made out of foam and coated in dipping latex and i experienced the same sticking problem. if you dab a little baby powder on your fingers then rub it over the latex parts they don’t stick together. don’t worry it wont make your puppets white it just gives it a matte finish, and on camera you can not tell its on there. good luck i hope it works for you.

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