Time was made for slaves

It has been months since my last post. Time.. huh.. Months, days, hours, years. What do they all mean? Here is my film on a computer screen as blog posts. And all the things I made, Kush, Adem, tree, clock, set pieces.. are inside boxes waiting for the day to become alive again. “Waiting”: what a word to describe the meaning of time, the power of time! Waiting happens when there are “other things” take their course in time. We; me, kush and Adem are all “waiting” for the other things to leave me some time again for Chronos.

Not so much left… In a month or two I will be back here. When I was away I shot The Invasion. I will montage frames, finish that film first and then go back to Chronos. My sister has been waiting for me to finish Invasion for months too…

I love seeing Kush flying. I think I want to see her here until my next! post.