Paper Prototyping For An Automaton Project

Just watched these videos by Katy Hargrove about paper prototyping for an automaton project. Very helpful and I definetely recommend for beginners like me. By the way I have found these videos through Dug North’s The Automata Blog which is an amazing website full of information about automata.

and part 2:

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I know! I have LOVED these two unique videos for years… Been waiting and waiting for MORE from Ms. Hargrove too. So great to see a female (!) Showing process (!) for a flat automation (!). So great, right?! GOGOGO!!

Hi my dear friend! Yes, these are great videos and very inspiring. Trying these paper prototyping for automata is like starting too see after being blind. Thanks to her for taking time to record these videos. I hope more comes too. By the way, great to see you here ­čÖé

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