my first stopmo film: “chronos”

Did I ever tell you about the project I have been working on? Yes, it is a stopmotion film but let me tell you little bit about the first movie I will be shooting: It is going to be couple minutes long with one puppet, a big clock, big big tree and some birds. It is going to be dark, alone,… It is about time; chronos….

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m_) It’s about time…chronos.
m_) I already love the atmosphere you are presenting us, here.
m_) I so support you just as same as I’d support any master.

m_) May I learn a portion of what you have learned all these years.
m_) If I only could.

Dan, Wow… I totally feel honored by your message. Thank you!!

Couple months ago, Darkstrider wrote me something and I keep teling this to myself all the time when I work on this film. He wrote: “It’s like alchemy… as you perfect your skills and your creation you must also perfect yourself along the way.” So, I am here someone trying to develop my skills and also trying to perfect myself!!!

Lets keep in touch. I know there is a lot we can learn from each other.

i really hope you can find the time to help out here. i am a former animation student from ireland. i am interested in making an independent film stop motion style as it was the area i took most interested in. the film i produced was a cheap stop motion badly edited and poorly armatured. having said this i intend to go through this task once more the next time having found a proper work area and armatures. i have started looking for the various pieces and intend to experiment based on your guidelines here the page has an amazing insight. i hope you can give me advice and i hope you will be able to show me your final film. thanks. shane

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