I am here again…

Ok, I am here again. Vaowww my last post was on sept 20th. Long time, no post… Started again couple weeks ago by working on the puppet. What I have done so far? Tried couple of different options for clothes and the head. Clothes are done. He now has a nice outfit; pants and the shirt. Made couple of different heads with supersculpy. I realized how I like to sculpt. Super sculpy is something very very easy to work with. I even tried some little sculptures anf neclacess.. Ok, this was out of the scope. Anyways.. just doing what I like to do. It is always great to experiment different things. I dont know what else I would fall in love as I proceed making this movie. Back to the point… today I have organized folders on my laptop for stop-motion works. Pictures of making of puppets everywhere. It is now almost organized so I can update my blog with some pictures. I have also been trying to find a good cheap stopmo software which works fine with my equipment; a Canon EOS 350D camera, Sony Hi8 Handycam. Stop Motion Maker looks like a good choice. Will see.. I am having problems with this Windows Vista thing.. So, I will install Windows XP on my laptop and hopefully eveything will be fine. Today I also think about buying a table top for the set. So, I can finally start building up the set..

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