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Sewing Jacket for a Stop Motion Puppet

After posting pictures of Adem and his jacket, a friend wanted me to give him some instructions about how to sew a jacket. So, I have prepared a tutorial for people who does not have any idea about sewing jacket and want to make a basic one like this.

Sewing Jacket

First print out the pattern, cut pieces and modify paper patterns by putting it on your puppet, measuring different parts such as arms, neck, etc.. The patterns of sewing jacket you download here is in the size of Adem. I suggest you to make a basic paper jacket (without the collar part) and put on your puppet to make sure the correct size.

Pictures below self explanatory. You can click any step to enlarge.

Jacket pattern for sewing jacket save this image to use.

Sewing Jacket - Placing Pattern and Cutting Pieces
Sewing Jacket - Making of Lapel
Sewing Jacket - Making of Collar -1

Sewing Jacket - Stitching Shoulders
Sewing Jacket - Making of Collar -2
Sewing Jacket - Stitching Arms
Sewing Jacket - Stitching Sides and Arms -DONE!

Useful Resources About Puppet Costuming and Sewing Jacket:

There is a wonderful puppet costuming book here which can help you dress up your puppets. You can download the entire costuming book in pdf. I recommend you to download right away and save it to your hard drive. There are not fancy costumes described. But there is basic information about everything you would need for making costumes of a stop motion puppet.

Nick Hilligoss’s puppet clothing patterns and tutorial. Scroll down the page to see puppet clothing thumbnail on the left side.

Very detailed sewing tutorial.

Software to create patterns for puppet clothing and sewing jacket:

You can download the demo of Garment Designer for free here. You can experiment different patterns here to get an idea about how to prepare patterns..

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