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Stop Motion Set Piece: Zodiac… completed!

I have completed one of the stop motion set pieces; zodiac part. I made these out of insulation foam. For the above test pics, I added some moss around. When I put the whole set together, I will add dirt all around besides carefully placed mosses, some dead brances and maybe some roots coming from the tree of life.

Process is pretty much the same with previous making of the stairs. Only difference is that I used regular wood glue instead of foam glue. I carved those zodiac symbols over the insulation foam so, I did not want to loose details with thick foam glue. On the left top, the test stone I made before starting the whole process. On the left bottom; me with respirator… I like using it but one problem… if your nose itches, you have to take out gloves swamped with paint and then take out the respirator to reach your nose… 🙂

This is what happens when you have a 2 yearsold curious girl… -hey mum, I want to draw too.. – dad take my picture 🙂 She also helped me to paint one of the pieces in white acrylic this time!.

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