Tree of life….. completed? – almost

It has been about a month I have not posted anything here. I have been working on the tree. Vaooww… 3 weeks, one tree…  I relly like trying to do things I have never done before. This is my first tree for a stop-mo set. So, a lot of fun but at the same time, a lot of things to experiment, try, learn… Anyways, making this tree has taken my 3 weeks in between my other web design works. Here how it looks like:

I do not prefer posting each step as I procees during making this tree. Because I try different things; make things and throw into the garbage,.. going back and forth… So, here you would be able to see the actual steps to make this tree without those different tries.

I will definetely modify this tree when other set elements, rocks, clock,.. are completed and enhance its look. I will also add birds which will be made out of super sculpy.. Later….

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