Time was made for slaves

It has been months since my last post. Time.. huh.. Months, days, hours, years. What do they all mean? Here is my film on a computer screen as blog posts. And all the things I made, Kush, Adem, tree, clock, set pieces.. are inside boxes waiting for the day to become alive again. “Waiting”: what a word to describe the meaning of time, the power of time! Waiting happens when there are “other things” take their course in time. We; me, kush and Adem are all “waiting” for the other things to leave me some time again for Chronos.

Not so much left… In a month or two I will be back here. When I was away I shot The Invasion. I will montage frames, finish that film first and then go back to Chronos. My sister has been waiting for me to finish Invasion for months too…

I love seeing Kush flying. I think I want to see her here until my next! post.


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Hooray! So glad you are back! Time is always totally confusing to me. So weird. Things always take 1,000 times longer than I can imagine they will.

I’ve recently decided that the weird limitation of Time is a blessing on earth. A restriction that makes all else possible here. I’m trying to learn how to let the frames of life run through the projector, and more than that, to be glad that there is such a way for life to process.

Just my current thoughts…. Cant wait to see everything you do!

Shelley, yep.. I got it ! Such a nice point of view you have here. Being limited by time also makes things possible. Thanks my friend :))

Justin!! Woo Hoo!! nice to see you here too. You can not imagine how much receiving these comments mean to me. 1 frame at a time, yes.. Lately there have been many frames moving fast in my life but my film is stuck on one of the frames. I am gonna make it though. It has been an hard move and almost completed :))

Oh Yaz! I love seeing Kush flying! This summer time has been like a rubber band for me. One minute it is stretching out and an hour seems to last forever, then a week zips past in a blink. I am looking forward to a more steady pace this fall.

Hey Yaz,

So glad to see you still plugging away on this project ­čÖé The bird looks lovely in motion. You’re doing some really great stuff – keep up the awesome work.

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