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Puppets Alive

Basil Twist Puppets Alive

There is something kind of freaky about it being alive but not. And it’s a line between our imaginations and what we believe in and what’s alive and what’s not. And it’s basic and simple. It’s been going on for thousands of years.
-Basil Twist

There are some books, I read over and over again. Some films I watch again every once in a while. Some songs I never get tired of listening to. This video about the puppeteer Basil Twist is one of those. The way he describes puppetry and the passion in his eyes…

Basil Twist is a director, scenographer, puppetry artist. He is now best known for his underwater puppet show, “Symphonie Fantastique” I have never gotten a chance to watch his shows alive but have been following him online. I especially like the “Dogugaeshi” show where he uses the Japanese art form of sliding screens.

For more info wikipedia page, his website. and a video by The New Yorker about him..

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