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painting the tree

At this point I really need to mention a great blog site of  Shelley Noble. If you are into stop-motion review http://notesfromhalfland.blogspot.com/ She has some great posts about the whole process which has helped me a lot while working on this tree. Thank you Shelley!!! You can see her answer tree building process here at: http://notesfromhalfland.blogspot.com/search/label/Answer%20Tree

Back to my tree:

I first painted with chocolate brown as a base color. And after this I tried many different mix of colors to get the right color… burnt sienna, white, brown, yellow, green… I painted over and over. Just do not forget to dilute the paint with water after the first base color. So, the second, third,.. colors do not totally cover the chocolate brown color. Paint, let it dry, look and paint again until you are totally satisfied.


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