painting stones -4 … stairs again

Last week I bought some new paints and a nice decorative painting book. I was not totally happy with the previous result and wanted to give another try. Especially the texture bothered me a lot. So, this time I used pink insulation foam.

cutting out stairs

The process is pretty much the same as before. Because the insulation foam is harder, I was able to use a sandpaper to shape the edges.

painting stones

I fisrt covered the whole piece with foam glue. I then painted with white acrylic paint. After white is totally dry, here is what I did: I mixed “black colored relief paste” with “wooden furniture polish” 50% paste and 50% polish. The furniture polish I put is the one has been sitting on the shelf in our house for 3 years. It has a lot of wax and resin inside. I painted the whole thing with this mixture and right after painting (before it is dry) I rub all around the piece with a soft fabric. Where I needed lighter spots; I rubbed more and where I needed very dark spots; I did not touch. Here is the result:

It looks too clean but I will add moss, dirt, broken stones (which are also ready) when I put everything together on the set.

Note: I have my respirator Shelley 🙂 I bhought one and using. I will post the pic next time I use….

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Jed, thanks a lot! Yes, it is the furniture polish making the most of the trick. Before I worked on actual pieces; I tried mixing different paints, glues,.. with the relief paste. You know relief paste is also for getting 3d look. It gives some depth to the surfaces applied. But when I mixed with acrylic paint or shoe polish, rubbing did not work. Furniture polish just worked fine… Before it is dry; the more I rub, the more I get a brighter look. And the mixture just stays in the cracks, deeper points which is needed for sure.

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