New Addition to My Studio: A CNC Machine



My brother in law is a genius. He made a CNC machine for himself couple years ago. He has been making and selling CNC machines lately. In this spring when he said that he was making a CNC machine for me, I was very very excited.

After making my first automaton project in winter, I was frustrated about cutting the wood, not being able to create what I wanted to do with the limited hand tools I had. I tried using different materials like wire and even concrete to use on automata projects.

In June he brought the machine and installed. It is such a big big step for my automata projects. I have not been able to use it much beacuse of the busy summer time. My daughter’s holiday, my work and all the other things. I was only able to complete one automaton project so far, only working whenever I had a minute. But starting from mid september, I will have much more time for automata using CNC. Can’t wait….

Big big thanks to my brother… It is a magic machine.

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