leavesssssss, many leaves… crazy

I created 500 leaves by cutting, gluing, painting back and fronts… It was crazy. And after all this process leaves look kind of big on the tree and I am not totally happy with the result. I wanted leaves to be big but I could have done little smaller. Anyways, maybe I would work more on the leaves and cut later.. who knows. Here is the process:

I bought some plastic leaves from a craft store. Cut one of those, paint and made a test shot over the tree to make sure the size and paint. After that, I cut 500 leaves into 3 different sizes. You know there are different sizes of leaves on a tree. Thanks to my friend Ozgul who helped me cutting the leaves… The leaves I bought from the store were really cheap and coarse. So, I needed to glue back and front sides with the wood glue before painting to have strong edges after cutting.

When the glue was dried I covered a piece of cartoon with masking tape sticky side up and presses leaves onto the tape. (Again thanks Shelley 🙂 http://notesfromhalfland.blogspot.com/search/label/Answer%20Tree ) Painted back sides first and then painted front sides after backs are dried.

Let all dry and take out from the tape. Hey I have a test branch, look:

So, all went well so far. Make hundreds.. total 500:

I had all leaves ready to be glued onto the tree after about 10 days…


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