hey I have a tree sitting on my table…

It needs more work but not now.. Later when I have the rocks ready. And even more work when the background painting is ready..

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INCREDIBLE, Yaz!! I’m sitting here with a GIANT smile on my face! Holy cow! I just scrolled through your posts, after you kindly gave me a heads up that what I’d done was useful for you, and I can’t be more thrilled! It was like looking at my own blog only done by someone else with a different great tree result! Man, blogs rule! I can’t get over it. Your tree looks so fantastic!!! I love how you cut down the leaves you had into the shape you wanted. Even I wasn’t as bold as that!! Hooray for YAZ!!

Is it weird I consider you my tree sister now? hee.

Ok, I’ve read the whole tree making thread here now and I have to say, FANTASTIC JOB, YAZ! I love the innovations you made such as yarn clipping as moss–looked perfect to me. Love that you coated the leaves with wood glue before painting, excellent and another bolder-than-me move.

You. You rock!

Shelley; my tree sister!! or should I better call you as my tree teacher 🙂

THANK YOU, THANK YOU… I received your messages when I woke up this morning. I also have a GIANT smile on my face 🙂 I have had a great start to this new day by receiving your messages. I am very happy to read your comments and see that you like the tree I made. Again thank you very much !!!

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