Glue roots to the base

I carved the base for the roots and glued with a foam glue named DECOSA..

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Shelley thanks a lot! It is great to receive your feedback about the new site. I am still working on the design. This is a ready made wordpress template but I am changing almost everything. I am suprised to see how many things I need to modify to get a new look. Hopefully my new site will be all ready to go by tomorrow evening. I also think about changing the domain. After spending some time on this site, I am not totally happy with the name “Puppets Rebel”.

I do not wear a respirator ­čÖü I wear gloves but not respirator. I should do that, yes. Thanks for the comment about roots by the way..

The new site is incredible! I’m envious of those super fabulous post it progress notes at the top–brilliant!

SO cool.

Now–listen to your stop motion prop making mama, WEAR A RESPIRATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU INSANE!?

Get one the very next time you leave the house or order one online TODAY! Never open a tin or tube of anything toxic around yourself again without the respirator on your sweet face!!!!!!!!! Even non-toxic things can harm you. Any dusts go in your lungs. If you can smell something it means it is entering your body, your blood, your cells and changing you FOREVER.

You have a child, for her sake and yours, wear it.

You have many beautiful things to build, your your art’s sake, wear it.

Your brain needs all the smarts it has in order to make a good film, for your film’s sake, wear it.

I will nag you about this forever, so it’ll be easier just to do it… xoxox

I PROMISE!!! I will buy a respirator when I go out. Actually I will go out to buy a respirator tomorrow or the other day. Then I will take a picture of me wearing the respirator and post it here. I promise my stop motion prop making mama :)))

I also like how those post it notes look on top of the page. I will make a seperate page for the old post it notes. So, when I have number of movies completed those will be like archives. Number of movies….. will I really be able to see many movies here on this blog… I better get to go back to work. Stop motionnnnnnn….

Your friend and FAN, Yaz

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