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Chronos – Late Goodbye To An Old Friend

Stop Motion set - photos on the ground.

Time was made for slaves…

Yes, I was never able to finish Chronos. After my post dated Feb 2011 here, I kept working on my stop motion film for more time but did not post here. During that time, I added more scenes, puppets, ideas, etc.. And eventually we moved out to a new house one more time. (fall 2012) A long term rental, small stone house inside a big tangerine garden with a lot of renovation work. (my dream house..)We almost had the house rebuilt. After we moved, I spent most of my available time making things like kitchen cabinets, bathroom renovation, tables, chairs, sofas… so much fun, effort and time. I was working like a half carpenter, half artist for about a year .


After all, I needed to spend more time on my professional graphic design works,… you know life. And now, I am here at the end of 2014. Couple of months ago, I started doing automata artworks and I will be posting about it regularly.

So, I want to post some more from my latest work on Chronos dated 2012.

Madam Anahit

Madam Anahit

Latest addition to Chronos was a puppet of Madam Anahit. She was a street accordionist playing her beautiful songs on the streets of Istanbul Taksim. (more info / in turkish) I remember hearing the amazing sound of her accordion while I was walking down the Istiklal Street when I was in collage. She died in 2003. I wanted to have a puppet play accordion while Adem was spending time in my stop motion set.

Here is a test shot from 2012:

(This video was meant to go with an accordion song. I tried finding a royalty free clip but I could not. I am adding an URL for a nice accordion sound right after video. You can click both play buttons and try watching this little animation with accordion sound.)

Old Pictures On The Ground

These are one of the things came out very good to me. I really liked how those looked on the set. I found some old pictures on the net, printed out and then made look old by using walnut ink (from my dear friend Shelley Noble) and a piece of sand paper.

old pictures


I tried many shots with mirrors inside the set. I was thinking about animating mirrors. I got some cool pics. Here are a couple of those:

Madam Anahit

stop motion set - mirrors

And you see there are one more puppet and a small sculpture in the set. I was not going to use those in Chronos. Those are my experimental puppets and test shots.

So, it is time to say goodbye. I know I have not been posting here for a long time… but, my film was there in my studio and in my life. It was like it would come out someday and continue its adventure. Now…, I know that Chronos’s time is up. During those years I was working on Chronos and posting the process here, I learned sooo much AND more important than that I met so many wonderful people. I would love to THANK ALL who were here supporting me all through the way.

It is time for new; art, life and all. I am going to be here sharing with love!!!

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