Chronos – Late Goodbye To An Old Friend

Time was made for slaves…

Yes, I was never able to finish Chronos. After my post dated Feb 2011 here, I kept working on my stop motion film for more time but did not post here. During that time, I added more scenes, puppets, ideas, etc.. And eventually we moved out to a new house one more time. (fall 2012) A long term rental, small stone house inside a big tangerine garden with a lot of renovation work. (my dream house..)We almost had the house rebuilt. After we moved, I spent most of my available time making things like kitchen cabinets, bathroom renovation, tables, chairs, sofas… so much fun, effort and time. I was working like a half carpenter, half artist for about a year .


After all, I needed to spend more time on my professional graphic design works,… you know life. And now, I am here at the end of 2014. Couple of months ago, I started doing automata artworks and I will be posting about it regularly.

So, I want to post some more from my latest work on Chronos dated 2012.

Madam Anahit

Madam Anahit

Latest addition to Chronos was a puppet of Madam Anahit. She was a street accordionist playing her beautiful songs on the streets of Istanbul Taksim. (more info / in turkish) I remember hearing the amazing sound of her accordion while I was walking down the Istiklal Street when I was in collage. She died in 2003. I wanted to have a puppet play accordion while Adem was spending time in my stop motion set.

Here is a test shot from 2012:

(This video was meant to go with an accordion song. I tried finding a royalty free clip but I could not. I am adding an URL for a nice accordion sound right after video. You can click both play buttons and try watching this little animation with accordion sound.)

Old Pictures On The Ground

These are one of the things came out very good to me. I really liked how those looked on the set. I found some old pictures on the net, printed out and then made look old by using walnut ink (from my dear friend Shelley Noble) and a piece of sand paper.

old pictures


I tried many shots with mirrors inside the set. I was thinking about animating mirrors. I got some cool pics. Here are a couple of those:

Madam Anahit

stop motion set - mirrors

And you see there are one more puppet and a small sculpture in the set. I was not going to use those in Chronos. Those are my experimental puppets and test shots.

So, it is time to say goodbye. I know I have not been posting here for a long time… but, my film was there in my studio and in my life. It was like it would come out someday and continue its adventure. Now…, I know that Chronos’s time is up. During those years I was working on Chronos and posting the process here, I learned sooo much AND more important than that I met so many wonderful people. I would love to THANK ALL who were here supporting me all through the way.

It is time for new; art, life and all. I am going to be here sharing with love!!!

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Yaz!! It’s so good to see something fro you after all this time! Even if it’s a sad belated goodbye to Chronos. I got both files going and watched the clip with the accordion music – sheer magic!! And a very nice idea on your part, to set it up that way. Very effective lighting, with the emphasis on the old photos and Madame Anahit in the darkened background. I like the way the accordion moved as well – something odd but effective about it, like moments of time lapse or something, very evocative of thinking about the passing of time. It was a wonderful time, wasn’t it? For all of us, and I cherish the time we got to spend together (on the internet). I’m at the same plae with my stopmotion film too – I won’t be able to do any more on it for at least the foreseeable future – but who knows, maybe one day I can get back to it. I’ve been thinking I should cut together what little I actually shot and post the results. I think I’ll do it. And I must say it’s nice to know that you’re doing other things that are engaging and fun.

Hi Mike, I am sooo happy to see your comment. It is hearing from a very good old friend. All of our discussions over our blogs and emails with you and Shelley… I would never forget; I am very thankful to have friends like you…

Thank you for your comments about the latest work, Madam Anahit test shot. It was an animation try something like blending frames. I remember we talking about it. When I watch Madam Anahit playing accordion here, it takes me back to memories. When I was working on updating my blog last month, I went through all the posts in my blog, folders in backups.. Time is just an illusion. You know. Everything was there staying alive. I felt like if I build the set again, I could just continue from where I stopped. But, I changed, life changed and even if it was hard, I needed to say goodbye to make room for new. I thought about making a short film with what I have done so far with Chronos but I decided not to do.

I have just checked out your blog. I think you have been making paintings. Thats great to know. I am sorry for not being a good friend for the last couple of years and not following up with your art. Maybe I needed to stay away for a different kind of healing about my problem with time and what it takes away from our lives. Anyways.. all is in the past. This is what you wrote here back in 2009: “…It’s like alchemy… as you perfect your skills and your creation you must also perfect yourself along the way.” How true it was… Without Chronos, without you and Shelley and without all the other people who supported me, I could have been somewhere totally different in my life now.

I started doing automata pieces. It is not like making films but still it has some movement in it. One piece is completed and currently working on another. I will see how it all goes…

Lets keep in touch!

You’re so good with words (even in English) – the way you wrote that is very touching. Memories are such wonderful things, aren’t they? The way sometimes they can come flooding back and fill you with fondness – or sometimes with other feelings. I’m getting all nostalgic now for those days!

For some reason I thought you didn’t have any of your automata posted, but now I see there are some amazing pictures of the one you’ve made. Oh my god!! I can’t believe you actually carved all that out of wood and finished it so beautifully!! I want to see it moving!! Is there any chance you can post a video (or have one posted somewhere)? Or take a series of pictures and make an animated gif or something? It looks so incredible already!

And yes, we definitely should stay in touch!

Mike, thanks!!! Words… Yes, I like writing. Its good to hear that my words can convey the feelings in english somehow. I need to write in Turkish too. Sometimes,I really have hard time finding the right words in english. Hopefully I will have a section in Turkish in this website.

Thank you soooo much for your comments about my first automata piece. I need to update After Effects software on my computer. It does not work. So, I can not make videos. My hubby says that he will get registered to latest Adobe softwares tomorrow. So, hopefully after that I will make a short video of Kiftaro moving. When I have the video ready, I will make a blog post too. Plans, plans,… It is good to be back blogging. I definitely missed it. And good to see you here.

Finally made it here. I am blown away by what you built, Yaz. The new puppet, figures, and props, the setting, the lighting, your clever use of mirrors, all conspire to provide a glimpse of your gifts as a true artist.

I relish who you are as a person, a heart, a deep mind, and now, I can see, as an artist on the highest order.

I, like Mike, am thrilled with the craftsmanship and beauty of your new art medium of choice, Automata. As I wrote to you, I think you have at last found the perfect medium for your artistic creative expression. There must be a celebration in the heavens because of that I imagine.

Your home is as beautiful as I pictured it would be! Heaven! And I can’t help but wonder whether all those long months of you building with wood like a boss hadn’t given you the additional gift of your new capabilities with woodworking?! You’ve perhaps not only built yourself a paradise of a new home but also your true artistic path for the decades to come?!

I am in awe of you! Bless you.
Always to be Your Friend and Fan,

Shelley, I dont know how I can thank you for your continuous support. Each path I choose takes me to somewhere in life. From one to the other. My struggle is to be able to express my feelings through art. When I was studying textiles mechanical engineering I would never know that I would use the knowledge to create stop motion and later automata. And when I was making furniture using old wood or second hand wooden things for this house, I did not know these would take me to try creating art using wood. There is so much to learn, so much to create ahead. Above all there is one precious thing I have, amazing friendship! Thank you!!

I stumbled upon your blog while researching the making of puppet clothes. I am heart broken by the loss of your cat and having to say goodbye to Chronos. I would have loved to see it. Your photos with mirrors are lovely. Best of luck in the future and thanks for your blog.

Hi Cathy, thank you very much for your comment and nice words!! Yep, unfortunately I could not finish Chronos. It is very nice to see people like you visiting this blog and leaving comments. It makes me feel like Chronos is still alive… I wish you best of luck too!!!

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