And Adem’s Ball&Socket Armature…

Here he is Adem’s armature. I received this armature couple weeks ago but did not have a chance to post here. It is simply beautiful. Many thanks to Erol Akbarci who made this armature for me. It works great!!! Very clean, carefully produced.

This is 5.5″ You see that he has very long arms. I also had some additional parts; longer leg, arm and body connection parts. So, in the future I will be able to replace the parts to have different armatures with different proportions. He can be 7″ longest.

Here is the drawings I sent him for production. (texts are in Turkish) If you like to download a larger size of this drawing you can go to downloads  page. There you will also find another drawing showing the additional parts..

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Yep 🙂 Thanks Justin!
I am now working on the wire armature of the bird.. After seeing Adem’s armature it is very hard to make a wire one. I have been sitting here like.. oh it can break here.. no here.. maybe.. 🙂 I need to get the equipment and start making my own ball & socket armatures soon..

now this is a very nice armature but i however would of chosen a one with less bulky joints but if this had smaller joints it would be exelent

Anthony, exactly. If this had smaller joints it would have been better. I did not have a big budget for this armature. So, this was the best he could do within my budget. Especially, the joints on the wrists and ankles are kind of big. This is a 5,5″ armature. If I ordered even smaller joints, it could have been very expensive to produce. Adem is going to be wearing a shirt with long sleeves and long pants to cover those big joints 🙂 Thanks for checking out!

oh well im sorry i didnt know how big your budget was but if you think about buying another one try animation supplies or skeletoon oh and just so you know skelletoon will start manufacturing hands soon

Oh, great, skelleton will start manufacturing hands soon.. Great news! I will check out those if I ever order another armature. When I was working on bird’s armature, I tried making ball joints. In the future, if I manage to get better machineries, I might make my own armatures for the puppets. Let see..

Anthony is there any website I can review your work? I know you are a very experinced person in stop motion. I have seen your posts on but I could not see your work. Do you mind sending me an URL if it is available. Thanks!

Anthony, it is amazing!!! I cant believe you are only 11 and have already been working with stop motion for 2-3 years. Lets keep in touch. I see that you definetely know a lot about stop motion. You send me your comments about my process and I would be here if you need any help about anything.

No problem about skeletoon news. I checked out the page you sent. is such a great website. Make sure to read through their handbook and follow up posts. Or post anytime you like. There are many great people from all around the globe.

As for the website, you definetely need to have a website to post your works. Mine is a blog site from wordpress. I would suggest you to open a blog site in blogger. Go to and open up an account. Do you know this process? If you like, I can help you to open up a blog site. Let me know. Best!!


Is there anyone who can help me with providing information about how to buy a skeletoon?
It has been sold out.


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