An Amazing Bird Puppet!
Someone on message board posted the URL of a music video by Bowerbirds a while ago. There is an amazing crow puppet here. He said that he made the armature for the wings. I asked him if he could send me some photos of the puppet before it was foamed and feathered -which he offered in the first place- but he could never get back to me. I love the  puppets, animation, effects, music… just everything here.

Thanks to that person who showed me this video and kudos to him & every other people who worked on this music video!.

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There’s a lot of undiscovered stuff out there that is full of talent. The animation in this is so powerful! I remember watching this the first time (from the post you mentioned) and not appreciating it as it should be. Thanks for posting this again… really cool stuff 🙂

Yes, I had missed this video too….thanks for the link!

very cool and directly relatable to your film……excited as always to follow your progress.


Justin, when I was working on Kush, I could not find a bird puppet animation as good as this one. You know, I am doing all these for the first time and seeing good samples help a lot. I will be referring back here when I am animating the bird for the film. Thank you for the comment and following my progress.

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