The Invasion – Time to Animate!

There is a side project I do with my sister Asuman. A stop motion film “The Invasion” I posted about this film here before. Asuman finished all and has sent me. I received a box full of effort, full of love… I have seen closely how detailed Asuman worked on this set. Each piece was created very detailed, carefully. Now, it is my turn. I need to remunerate for her great effort here while shooting this film. I am going to be getting ready this week. And I will probably start shooting by the end of the week. I will keep you posted. There were 2 gifts inside that box too. You see at the bottom right of the picture. Owls at the top is for Hakan and me. The duck family is for Zeynep. As you might guess Zeynep loved what her aunty created for her. Thank you sooooo much Asuman!Anyone interested can check out the animation process here at The Invasion I will post as I proceed..

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