The Invasion – Set work almost done

The Invasion. This is a film I am making with my sister Asuman. She has been working hard to get things together on the set. It looks like I am going to be shooting in a couple of months. This is going to be an interesting small film showing the human invasion… Asuman is a graphic artsist who likes to experiment different things in art. She has been doing some beautiful “ebru” and her idea of making a stop motion film using her ebru sounded very interested to me. So, we are getting there… She has one or two months work before sending me all the pieces. I am so excited to shoot soon..

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Wow, how exciting!
I am very behind in reading blogs, simply because I haven’t been online much all due to my battling with my computer on this side of the glass. Anyway, I was wondering if you ever sorted cameras, but I shall keep reading your blog too see, as I am sure there’s plenty to get caught up with here.
I hope all is well.

Shelley, thank you!! Shooting this film, playing around with lighting and effects will also be a good experience for me for Chronos.

DJ, thank you for stopping by. Sorry to hear you have not been able to be online much lately… As for the camera, I use Lumix. It is such a great camera and I am now used to using it with much help from Darkstrider. If you decide to invest on a new camera, I would be happy to write you about why I preferred Lumix.

Dang Yaz working on dual projects must be hard! But like you said learning here will give you experience for your own. I’m still blown away each time by how clean you gals’ work is.

Sometimes I wish I had gotten the Lumix! I’m still shooting blind at the moment 🙂 But it’s working so I can’t complain. I do love the Nikon lenses though, maybe I’ll upgrade (or side-grade) to the Lumix if I find a good deal on it. My uncle wouldn’t mind buying my Nikon off of me for how much I payed for it (it was a steal). Hope more updates are coming soon!

Tony, my sister is doing all the work for “Invasion” I have not done anything yet; just talking to her, commenting on her work, etc.. My work will start when it comes to animating and it will help me learn things before I start shooting this one.

Regarding Lumix, in my case, I did not have any other proper camera to shoot with. My husband has a Canon EOS 350D which does not have a live view and he kept complaining about me using his camera 🙂 He likes to take photographs so, I was not feeling well taking his camera away from him. And no live view… I decided to buy a camera. Lumix was the best choice for many reasons you already know I think. Then I was lucky to find a good deal. I hope you can find a good one when you are ready.

More updates.. hmm it is going to take a while. I need to work hard for a while and make some money 🙁 I might start making the puppet soon though, maybe, lets see. I have been working on lighting, using Lumix lately when I have time.


you are a total natural!!….you have a real gift for this whole craft.
Your video and Pics look FANTASTIC!!

Your Daughter waking in the middle of the night and dropping in is somthing I am VERY familiar with!! Ha!!

Aedon drops in and its actually nice getting a Hug visit in the wee hours of the night.

keep up all the great work…..I think you got somthing here.


Justin, thank you!!! I am glad to hear you like what I have been doing here.

Aedon does the same thing 🙂 Yeah, it feels so great. I am soo happy to see Zeynep enjoying what I do here. Especially hearing her say that she wants to make a film too puts a BIG smile on my face.

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