Kush’s Armature and a Weekend Trip

I have been working on Kush. She is going to be an eagle like bird living on top of the tree of life. She is going to have a wire armature, supersculpy head.

As it is spring here, we went to sea side on saturday. And I had the armature with me.

Hey.. can I fly..

I am a bird can fly.. making an armature in a beautiful spring day by the sea.

Sunday; a trip to a wonderful place 1,5 hours drive away to our town by car. It was a great chance to take Lumix FZ-50 to shoot all day long trying to get used to camera. I used to use Canon 350D and Lumix’s settings are soo different. I need to spend some more time on it to take better pictures. So, our sunday trip:

Our friends took us to a secret beach. Not so many people knew this place and it did not even had a road to go. We had to go down the hill walking with all of our packs.

Zeynep (my daughter) was very happy with all the climbing and ofcourse swimming, playing. We tried fishing but no success… Mert took his camera and went down under the sea immediately.

I cut the meat and Ismo prepared sticks for cooking. Hmmmmm.. Just sooo delicious on a camp fire.

Climbing back was a little pain after a long day. Zeynep had a lot of fun saying -hey mum there are monsters here in the forest…

Edit: Adding the following pic for Shelley

Beautiful cottage… I wish I took more pictures of this..

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Gorgeous gorgeous! You working on your project by the sea, heaven! Zeynep sitting there in her kerchief, precious, and that beach! How glorious! Does someone live in that stone cottage? You know, like me maybe?

I couldn’t tell who was who but the group looked relaxed and well fed! yum!

Shelley.. thanks a lot!!

Added a new picture of the stone cottage for you! It was such a beautiful house and I wish I took more pictures. Nobody was living there but maybe you from Halfland??

Hi Yaz!
I was telling Shelley at Half Land that we’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about armatures and rigging around here. I don’t have an internal armature, I’ll need some sort of under-my-costume externally wired apparatus. There’s also the matter of ties downs (which I don’t like the sound of one bit!). DJ bought some super strong earth magnets a while back that are strong enough to hold between a 3/4″ sheet of plywood that might work, as long as there are no other metal props on set, but she’s thinking for sure I’m going to also need some other sort of rigging device. It all sounds very unpleasant to me!!
It’s been spring here too, which is nice after the winter we’ve had, though I really do like snow!! Anyways, that’s all the news I got, aside from we are now starting to build my log cabin set, but have run out of drift wood.
Can’t wait to see your bird fly!!!
See ya!
Jed xo

Jed, I have ended up starting to make my own ball&socket armature… I tried different wire armatures for the bird but none of those satisfied me because the birds’ wings move too much on the shoulders. I will post details about these later.

I am not sure about magnets as they might cause some problems holding in place, sticking to other metal parts on the set.. I think the best way is using a good rig and tie downs. John Dods rig looks very interesting on Shelley’s blog. I will try making a rig like that.

Your set pics looks amazing!!!! It must be a lot of fun working on that set. I have also saw the footage… I cant believe how real it looks. Just a great job!!!

Selam Yasemin,

I have just seen your blog and I liked what you are doing very much. Looking forward to seeing your work when I come to Turkey 🙂


Selam Abla 🙂
It is good to hear from you here on my blog. I hope I would have the set ready for shooting by the time you are here in June. All the best from Turkey. Optummmm…

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