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It has been a while since my last post about the film. I have been having a very busy summer; spending time with our families in July. At the beginning of August, our babysitter quit working -she’s getting married- and my daughter started to go to kindergarten half day, 5 days a week. So, we have been trying to get used to our new life.>

After taking a long break, I wanted to start with modifying the tree of life and making the small birds which represent the souls left their bodies after death and waiting for their birth again. Tree of life is a motif in various world mythologies and the birds sitting on its branches often associated with the souls. So, here they are:

On the bottom right, you see a quick installation of the bird onto a branch. I am currently working on these and will show final pics of tree of life and birds with my next post.

 I made these birds out of super sculpey. There are 15 birds sculpted and cooked. The necklace on my neck is a gift from Shelley… a bird nest and the egg; giving me luck and love for stop motion, for life…

Painted with white acrylic first and then used blue antique powder paint for an older look and some dimention. And ofcourse my little assistant was there to help me out 🙂 By the way, the Tree of Life oil painting on the wall is a reproduction of one of Natasha Wescoat’s which I painted when I was pregnant to Zeynep.

Modification of the tree: I made some new brances and smaller leaves. I was not totally happy with the previous look. Now, it looks a lot better and I will post new pics later..

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First of all, It’s always a thrill to see a new post from you, Yaz. Secondly, I thought the birds were so tenderly beautiful, then when I read their meaning I was struck and greatly moved. They are so exquisitely beautiful, Yaz. I got chills when I read what you have conceptualized here.

Seeing you wear the little symbolic egg in nest necklace while you are working on your special project fills me with a powerful feeling. So much meaning and symbology at work. It’s very special. That cord is so uncomfortably scratchy (I was in a rush) Please wrap the part the touches your skin–so you can work longer! Sorry 🙁

And the tree does look even better with the more delicate branches and leaves added. I couldn’t imagine it looking better but it does. I see you are melting the plastic stems to adhere them to the tree? Very clever and time savings over my method of using hot glue and then having to blend that blob to the texture of the branch. But, be sure you’re wearing EFFECTIVE AND SUFFICIENT fume protection mask when melting, ok, because the plastic melting makes very very toxic fumes that you should never be taking into you body and cells by breathing it. I’m attached to you living a long life as my friend, for the highest good.


It is great to hear that you like the birds. Thank you so much for all your support!!

The necklace… I either have it on my neck or near me whenever I work on this project. It means a lot to me and I will not change the cord 🙂 It makes me feel that it is on my neck and I really like the look of the cord.

Yeah melting the plastic stems is kind of dangerous. I do this on the roof making sure there is airflow and wearing my respirator. I do not adhere the stems only by melting the plastic. I melt first and then add a drop of super glue when it is not totally cold. And then adhere to the branch quickly. So, it is even more dangerous 🙁 After this process leaves stick to branches very well. When I was working on tree last time, I could not adhere only with super glue onto acrylic painted branches. I found that when super glue is mixed with acrylic, it just does not stick. What kind of glue do you use? I started melting beacuse I could not manage to adhere with only glue. And the band aids on my fingers just for protection 🙂 Last time, I did not do this and I all got burned fingers..


Nice to see you here. Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad to hear you say they look comfortable and patient. That was the feeling I wanted them to reflect.

The Internet continues to evolve into ever greater life enrichment. How touching that artists are connecting through each other. It’s like a fantasy from centuries past! And now, it’s global! I can’t think of anything more exciting. So glad you two have discovered each other!!

Oh, and I forgot to say VAOWOW! on the gorgeous Tree of Life painting, Yaz! You are so multi-talented!

Daer Peggy, I KNOW! Can you believe how simple yet graceful each bird’s gesture is here?! Like you point out so well, they feel patient and comfortable, exactly. Spiritual, yet grounded as if made of stone and air at the same time. Just beautiful.

Yaz, on the gluing, I use non-toxic hot glue (if you’re getting a glue gun, they have cold-melt, cordless ones now that I think would be easier for getting into the tree). I squeezed a blob onto the branch where I wanted the stem to “grow” then I shoved the stem into the blob of glue, pinching it with my bare fingers (because I am not as smart as you to think of bandages! D’uh!), then after the blob is cool, it’s stuck on really strongly. Then I have to add more flexible cement to cover up the blob and paint it to look like the tree back growing the stem. Hundreds of times. Yeah. I need an intern!



Yeah, internet is amazing! If someone told me 20 years ago that I would work for clients all over the world from Turkey and made a stopmotion movie, made great friends without even seeing them once; I would have thought that person was crazy. I dont like technology but internet is definetely the one I can not live without. Fantasy… I wonder what our children would experience in the future. Space age?? or maybe stone age… who knows.

Thanks for your words about the painting. Reproduction… When I saw the original of that painting, I could not help myself making a very similar one because I did not have a chance to buy that.

As for gluing… yes you are crazy 🙂 Hundreds of times.. vaoww.. That is such a great technic. I would try that hot glue next time I work on something like this. I am not sure if I can make it many many times but maybe for smaller number of things.. I really respect you for your patience with your art.


It is nice to meet you and see your stop motion works on your blog. Thank you for the comment!!


Thanks!! Glad to see you like the pose. Look at them makes me wanna sleep 🙂

Whoaaa I’ve been missing out on some major progress! I can just feel how great this film is going to be, you’re such a great artist yaz! Keep on going!

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